Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Trip to Georgia

Our long road trip took us from California through six states to Georgia. It lasted five days and over 2,500 miles. It was crazy, but we saw a lot of cool places and the kids did really great!
Our first stop was the Grand Canyon!
We got to our hotel late at night so we didn't get to see anything until the next morning, but boy was it worth the wait. It is so beautiful, I wish we could have had time to do something more than just look!

After our little look at the Grand Canyon, we hopped in the car and took off through Arizona into New Mexico.
We spent the night in Roswell and ran into a new friend we knick-named Carl.
Roswell didn't have as much UFO and alien stuff as I was thinking it would (or should), but our hotel did have a UFO in the parking lot at least.
After Roswell it was off to Carlsbad Caverns!

Luke and Leona became official Junior Rangers learning all about bats and the super cool caverns.
Even little Emma thought the cave was awesome and made "ooh" and "awe" sounds as we walked around. It was totally worth the extra time to walk down the natural entrance and then take the elevator back up. Luke was looking for bats the entire time and we were all so amazed at its size that we really want to go back to spend some more time there.
Next stop: The Alamo...
Baby, Baby Crockett, king of the wild frontier!
Emma wasn't too happy about the coon-skin cap, but she liked the rifle.
Leona, however, didn't like it while Luke reenacted the Mexican takeover of the Alamo!
Carl had a good time visiting Texas too, but was really excited about what was coming next.
Now, on thru Baton Rouge to New Orleans!
Can you say Beignets?
We ate a ton of them and got covered in powdered sugar in the process - totally yummy!
The Mississippi River!
Leona got a beautiful butterfly mask and Luke got a crazy Voodoo doll (which he quickly figured out what how to use) - only in New Orleans!
Carl knows how it's done in the crescent city and totally fit in.
It was a great trip with no major mishaps and lots of fun memories!
That night we ended in Columbus, Georgia five days after we left Big Bear.
We are living in a nice appartment complex. Thom stays on base during the week but we all get to be together on the weekends!
I hope to explore more of what the south has to offer before we take the long road trip back home to Big Bear. So far I can say that everyone is really nice down here and they really like Burger King (more on that another time). We love you all and miss you!


  1. I love it! Thank you for sharing. Glad to hear your drive went well and looks like you hit some fun places. I would love to be able to take the kids some of those places. I will have to get your travel route info sometime.

  2. Very nice pictures and commentary. Thanks. And yes, I did get, unfortunately, the Veggie Tale reference. :)

    I hope you enjoy your time in Georgia. While you're there you might consider doing some research on local history. For example, the Cherokee Indian tribe formerly occupied most of Georgia and parts of four other states. They did, that is, until gold was discovered. There is a famous set of Indian law cases decided by the very early United States Supreme Court on the subject. And, Georgia would be the starting point of the Cherokee "Trail of Tears."