Thursday, April 5, 2012

She walks - finally!

Emma is almost 15 months old and has finally started walking! Luke and Leona started walking at 10 1/2 and 11 months, but little Emma waited. Which really hasn't been that bad because she is so little it isn't a problem to carry her. But now she is a walking machine chasing her brother and sister all over. Here are a couple of videos of the first few times she walked.

I didn't really push her to walk because I didn't want Thom to miss it, so he would always work with her on the weekends and I wouldn't do much to encourage her during the week. It worked, because she took her first steps for her daddy on March 25th.

We are all super proud of her, but Leona is just head over heels to see Emma-Lee waddle around.


We visited a beautiful garden just north of us which had a butterfly house that we loved!
When we first walked in a white butterfly flew around us and landed on Emma's hand - how cool is that?
Then the same butterfly landed on Leona's finger - even cooler!
There were butterflies everywhere so the kids got to really have an up close adventure.
Here you can see our friendly butterfly.
We loved this place and are going back for Easter to see if we can make some more butterfly friends.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Luke's 6

Luke had a Space Alien birthday party at the Space Center here in Columbus. We said that an alien stole Luke's present and the kids had to get it back.

Luke has some great freinds.
This is Luke's special gift that he wanted sooooo bad...
He's a little into Harry Potter right now, totally cute kid.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Savannah the Beautiful

We had so much fun in Savannah! It is gorgeous and Thom and I totally fell in love with it. If Georgia wasn't so far from Cali and Utah, I could totally see us trying to make it work there. Maybe for retirement!
Savannah may be beautiful, but not nearly as pretty as my princess!

Great scenery.
Savannah was a big Pirate Town so we had to join in the fun!
We ate at the Pirate House, the oldest building in Georgia and pirate hang-out.
We also ate at the Crab Shack which was awesome except for the alligators.

I hate alligators, but the kids had fun.

On top of a very windy Lighthouse.
The oldest lighthouse in Georgia.
We went Dolphin watching, but Emma had more fun "eating" her life jacket.

So much fun!
Leona is channeling her little mermaid.

The beach was awesome
but windy.
Leona's self portrait in the sand, check out all her hair!
We had so much fun in Savannah and Tybee (the beach). I really hope we get to go back again... and again... and again.